Finally posted! 「働く女」イントロムービー

去年の勤労感謝の日に開催されたショートフィルムフェスティバル、「エリバ映画祭」に出品した作品、「Introdcution of 働く女」が、英語字幕付でアップしました。

WIND PRESS 71 TV >Working Women >Introduction of Working Women.



Finally introduction of "Working Women" is updated!!
My sister helped me the English subtitle.

WIND PRESS 71 TV >Working Women >Introduction of Working Women.

"Working Women" is very personal project interviewing with women around the world. I'm interested with their different pont of view about their job and ways of living. They can open my eyes to see a new world and give me a chance to learn about different countries, cultures and individuals. The idea came out from my experiences when I studied abroad in NY.

I finished interviewing for next episode, Taiwan last year, so am getting ready to broadcast the edited film on my viemeo. Hope it gets done in a couple of month!

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